Joining the world of BAM International

Stadiums in the Middle East, jetties and terminals in Asia Pacific or a port in Jordan. Our projects are located over the globe and demand high level of expertise and innovation. We invite you to join us in our technical development, sustainable innovation and community engagement. In this vast working field BAM International is looking for young and ambitious engineers or engineering students, as well as seasoned professionals with whom we can expand our combined experience.

We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of expertise in project management and construction, inclusive of safety, quality and care for the environment. Our strategy emphasises the importance of advanced construction techniques, a highly qualified management and staff, and a flexible organisation enabling close co-operation with both associated and local experts. All supported by a sound financial base. We are interested in recruiting intelligent individuals with strong personalities who like to see results and have what it takes to make a success of our projects.

In today’s competitive market our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations, deliver on time and on budget and at the same time act sustainably and contribute positively to the communities where we work.

A world of challenges

One site is situated in the middle of the desert, hundreds of miles from civilisation, another could be in the heart of a busy city, a third assignment takes place at the coast. The circumstances in which we work differ with each project and at each site, just like the physical circumstances and  social, cultural or political ones as well..

In addition to a high level of technical and engineering inventiveness, these situations demand a very flexible mentality and a fair amount of perseverance from all our employees on site  as well as in the supporting office departments.

Focus on the individual

The talents and skills of our employees determine the quality of our projects and allow us to strengthen our market position. At BAM International we maintain an open culture where diverse talents and characters are cherished.

We realise that the quality of our work and the quality of the relationship with our employees depend heavily, if not fully, on personal motivation and satisfaction. Building long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with our employees is the main goal of the human resources policy of BAM International. Career paths are clearly laid out, including various training and development suggestions in order to dynamically reach both organizational and personal goals.  


We believe that a company with a diverse workforce - at all levels - is made stronger by the different perspectives that such diversity brings. In particular, in an industry that sees a considerable shortage of women, we are keen to play our part in encouraging change, in terms of aiming to inspire young women to become engineers.

Want to join?

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