Joining the world of BAM International

The vast international working field of BAM International appeals to many people: young and ambitious engineers or engineering students as well as seasoned professionals who want to increase and expand their experience.

A world of challenges

The circumstances in which we work differ with each project and at each site (physical circumstances as well as social, cultural or political ones). One site could be in the middle of the desert, hundreds of miles from civilisation, another could be in the heart of a busy city or at the coast.

In addition to a high level of technical and engineering inventiveness, these situations demand a very flexible mentality and a fair amount of perseverance from all our employees. On site as well as in the supporting office departments.

Focus on the individual

Building long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with our employees is the main goal of the human resources policy of BAM International. We realise that the quality of our work and the quality of the relationship with our employees depend heavily, if not fully, on personal motivation and satisfaction.


Construction, especially “heavy Civil”, has tended to be an all male environment over the centuries. BAM International would like to stress that we are an equal opportunity employer and we seek to strengthen the position of women in, mainly, our construction workforce. As such we do welcome applications from women as well.

Want to join?

If you too are interested in joining the world of BAM International, see our current vacancies at