Health, Safety and Security policy

BAM International regards the health, safety and security of people as our greatest responsibility. It is our policy to conduct our business in the best way to safeguard the health, safety, security and welfare of all persons involved with, or affected by, our activities.

This policy is put into effect as part of the BAM International Management System (BMS) to establish a framework in achieving our objectives. The system is accredited to OHSAS 18001-2007.

Central to our policy:

  • Prevention of injury and ill health
  • A high level of safety awareness
  • Engagement by all to demonstrate our behaviour and culture
  • Control standards to be maintained by our operational and supply chain partners
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements wherever we are active
  • Assessment of all risks and the introduction of control measures to lower the risk to an acceptable level
  • Setting objectives and measuring performance to ensure continual improvement
  • Reporting and investigating of all incidents and near misses and using the lessons learned to improve systems and prevent recurrence
  • Identifying and sharing good practice

Line management takes responsibility for the effective implementation and communication of this policy and the provision of the necessary competent resources, training, supervision and visible support to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

We recognise that effective implementation of this policy is paramount to the success of the business and firmly believe that all accidents are preventable.

Board of Directors BAM International bv, October 2015


Our commitment to safety

"It is my personal belief that we can create an incident and injury free (IIF) workplace.

We have a collective responsibility to look out for each other and to ensure that we recognise, address and protect each other from all hazards that we identify.

We must behave and act responsibly and leave nothing to chance to ensure that we all return home safe every day. IIF is not an ideal, it is a necessity.

As CEO of BAM International I am committed to ensure that every employee is made aware of our values and the associated behaviour.

Given the support of our management I am confident that we will succeed in achieving an incident and injury free workplace."

George Mazloumian
CEO BAM International