Middle East / Gulf States

BAM International has had a presence in the area since the 1970s. Our first project in this area was the Doha harbour construction in Qatar. BAM has also constructed many large prestigious building projects. Completed projects include a contract in Abu Dhabi for all external buildings and landscaping of one of the most impressive hotels and conference venues ever built, as well as the turnkey construction of a skyscraper shapes as a perfume bottle in Dubai.

The balance of our project portfolio is currently shifting from buildings on land to civil and marine structures. We have got the expertise to do both and, very important to our clients, we have the equipment: cranes, pontoons, tug boats… They are ready for deployment on projects throughout the area, and if they are at full capacity, we have more available within our global organisation.


For more information about our activities in the area Middle East / Gulf States please contact BAM International head office in the Netherlands, our area office in Dubai, our branch office in Abu Dhabi, our branch office in Jordan, our branch office in Oman, our branch office in Qatar or our representative office in Egypt.