BAM International was established in the Netherlands in 1958. The young company experienced its first boom in the 1970s, when its entrepreneurial spirit resulted in an expansion in terms of market sectors as well as geographical areas.

Marine construction has always been the backbone of our business. Building on the Dutch tradition in this field, the company saw a rapid expansion of its activities across the globe: the Caribbean, North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Australia followed in the 1980s. More recently a series of special projects has led the way to Europe and even Antarctica.

Growth and continuity of the business have also been determined by the ability to expand into different disciplines. While marine construction – specifically nearshore projects – still makes up the lion’s share, we have become equally respected for our abilities in high-quality, complex general building projects and the industrial and infrastructural markets.

A deeply rooted sense of quality, along with a natural propensity for safety and responsible business as well as a flair for innovative solutions, has always been key in the establishment of long-term relations with clients and co-creators.

Until 2009, BAM International was best known under the name Interbeton. After the acquisition of its parent company in 2002, the company became part of Royal BAM Group. Since 2009 the name BAM International has signified our role in the Group: we apply our own skills and those of our colleagues within Royal BAM Group in the global market.