Occupational Health & Safety policy

BAM International regards safety as an extremely important priority for the company.

It is our commitment to conduct our business in the best way to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all the people who may be affected by the activities of the company including third parties. We firmly believe that all accidents are preventable. Current health and safety legislation and approved codes of practice will be complied with at all times wherever the company is active. To achieve these aims, BAM International has set up an Occupational Health & Safety policy.

Every employee has an obligation to take reasonable care for their safety and for the safety of other people who may be affected by their acts or omissions. They are also obliged to co-operate with their employer in respect of matters concerning health and safety. The involvement and co-operation of employees at all levels is essential for the effective implementation of this policy. The Occupational Health & Safety policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continuing relevance, effectiveness and adequacy as per the scope of the organisation.

Board of directors BAM International bv, January 2017


Our commitment to safety

"It is my personal belief that we can create an incident and injury free (IIF) workplace.

We have a collective responsibility to look out for each other and to ensure that we recognise, address and protect each other from all hazards that we identify.

We must behave and act responsibly and leave nothing to chance to ensure that we all return home safe every day. IIF is not an ideal, it is a necessity.

As CEO of BAM International I am committed to ensure that every employee is made aware of our values and the associated behaviour.

Given the support of our management I am confident that we will succeed in achieving an incident and injury free workplace."

George Mazloumian
CEO BAM International