Our energy consumption contributes to a significant amount of our costs and is an indicator of the efficiency of our processes. As a large player in an industry with a relatively high energy consumption to other industries, our energy usage has a great impact on society.

Emissions that relate to our energy usage, are also relevant to BAM due to risks driven by changes in regulation, mainly in the case of the EU Emissions Trading System regarding our asphalt plants. As emissions do not directly affect costs, the impact of emissions on our stakeholders is weaker than the impact of our energy usage.

We have set targets for both absolute and relative reduction in energy usage and emissions. BAM monitors and benchmarks progress on these targets on a quarterly basis for different activities within the company.

RCDP A List  2016oyal BAM Group has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change and has been awarded a position on the Climate A List by CDP, the international not-for-profit that drives sustainable economies. The Climate A List was released in CDP’s ‘Out of the starting blocks: Tracking progress on corporate climate action’ report. The report, which establishes the baseline for corporate climate action, reveals that global corporations have started the transition to a low-carbon economy and some are already capitalising on the opportunities this affords. Companies’ progress on reducing emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement will be tracked against this baseline in future annual reports.

BAM delivers sustainable and innovative building solutions. And we continuously strive for further improvements together with our clients and supply chain partners. Our inclusion in CDP’s climate A list is a recognition of our efforts to reduce emissions and to achieve a net positive impact. Current and future technological, especially digital, developments make us even more enthusiastic to continue our successes.