BAM wins design and build contract for new school in Kødbyen (Copenhagen)

6 January 2021 13:13 - BAM Danmark A/S
BAM wins design and build contract for new school in Kødbyen (Copenhagen)

Bunnik, the Netherlands, 6 January 2021 - The City of Copenhagen has awarded BAM Danmark a design and build contract for a community school in Kødbyen. Originally home to Copenhagen’s meat businesses, Kødbyen has changed into a lively and creative district with galleries, nightlife and restaurants. The contract value is approximately €37 million.

BAM Danmark will deliver the new school in Kødbyen in collaboration with Nord Architects, BBP Arkitekter, engineering consultants Norconsult and landscape architects BOGL. BAM has experience with similar major projects for the City of Copenhagen, including Ny Skole in Sluseholmen and Arenakvarterets skole in Ørestaden.

The Kødbyen school will accommodate approximately 850 pupils from 2024 onwards. The 12,700 m2 project comprises a community school, a sports hall and cultural and leisure facilities for local residents.

According to the City of Copenhagen BAM's project proved to offer the best balance between price and quality and embraced the vision of ‘a school in the city - the city in the school’. BAM’s winning design is based on a school, which will be part of the urban context of Kødbyen. The schoolyard will be open for access by the public, just as the school's facilities will also be used for leisure activities. The heart of the school will be the entrance hall - an open space that connects all floors and facilities.

Bo Svendsen, managing director of BAM Danmark, said: ‘We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the City of Copenhagen to develop and build a large, modern school that can bring joy and will benefit many people in the immediate area around Kødbyen. Together with our team of engineering and architectural consultants, we have put all our efforts into developing a project that adapts to Kødbyen's existing and distinctive architecture, while at the same time meeting the requirements for many different functions for both school and leisure use. We are of course both happy and proud that the City of Copenhagen has identified our project as a winning project.’

BAM Danmark was founded in 2014 by Royal BAM Group. The company currently employs approximately 60 people. Previous and ongoing projects include:

  • projects for DTU (Technical University of Denmark), including biotechnology research centre, offices and wind energy test facilities;
  • school projects in the Greater Copenhagen Area, including the European school, Sluseholmen School, Arenakvarterets Scholl and Læringshus Nærheden;
  • high end office facilities for both private and public clients, e.g. Helsingør Forsyning, HOFOR and Carlsberg Byen and Johannes Fog.

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