Composition Supervisory Board HBG

19 April 2001 15:36 - Royal BAM Group nv

Rijswijk, the Netherlands – Their terms of office having expired, it will be the turn of the members of the Supervisory Board Mr W. de Kleuver, Mr A. van der Velden and Mr H.H.F. Wijffels to retire by rotation on the General Meeting of Shareholders on 23 May 2001.

Both Mr De Kleuver and Mr Van der Velden are eligible for re-election. Mr Wijffels has let it be known that he does not wish to be considered for re-election, having served five terms of office as a member of the company’s Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board proposes to reappoint Messrs W. de Kleuver and A. van der Velden members of the Supervisory Board with effect from 23 May 2001. The Supervisory Board also intends to appoint Mr M.I. Platschorre [62] as member of the Supervisory Board. Mr Platschorre is currently chairman of the Board of Management of TBI Holdings bv at Rotterdam. He will retire from TBI at 7 June 2001. Mr Platschorre holds several other offices, such as member of the Executive Committee and General Board of the Dutch employers' association VNO-NCW.

As of 23 May 2001 the Supervisory Board will consist of Mr A.A. Loudon, chairman, Mrs G.J. de Boer-Kruyt, Mr C.A.J. Herkströter, Mr M.I. Platschorre and Mr A. van der Velden.

Further information:

Arno C. Pronk, HBG Public Relations, telephone +31 70 3722121.