Ferries come and go; Ascon stays

6 December 2001 09:20 - Royal BAM Group nv

HBG Ascon knows all about the comings and goings of the Stena Line and Irish Ferries in the port of Dublin. HBG's Irish group company is renovating a wharf while the ships continue to berth as usual.

The renovation concerns two berths, Berth 51 and Berth 51A. The work broadly comprises the construction of a fully equipped wharf 850 metres long, including two steel RoRo-ramps, referred to as linkspans. Both linkspans are being built by HBG Steel Structures in the Netherlands. Ascon is also responsible for dredging out the berths and the access channel to the required depth. The hydraulic units for operating the linkspans are housed in concrete piers. In addition, Ascon is carrying out the land reclamation and the demolition of old concrete structures. The project is being carried out on behalf of the Port of Dublin, and has a value of €30 million.