Light Rail Transit Salt Lake City 10 months ahead of schedule

6 November 2001 19:07 - Royal BAM Group nv

In Salt Lake City, the University Light Rail Transit is running 10 months ahead of schedule, and will finish in time for the 2002 Olympic Games. This project is a joint venture between Flatiron Structures [subsidiary of HBG Constructors, Inc.], Stacy & Witbeck, Inc., and Geneva Rock. Flatiron's responsibilities include administration and IT support.

Crews are building 2.3 miles of light rail from Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City to the University of Utah. The stadium at the University will host the opening and closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. The University is also the site for the Olympic Village housing athletes.

Phase One of the project is complete. It included relocation of various utilities affecting 200 residents and 130 businesses. Phase Two is 95 percent complete, and includes road widening for a six-lane highway. A major challenge in this phase included constructing a 20-foot-high retaining wall and raising three lanes of existing road by up to 10 feet.Traffic signals at 13 intersections are being replaced. Phase Three includes laying 2.3 miles of dual track, and is 85 percent complete. The new track has been connected with a light rail system currently in use. Phase Four is the placement of four transit stations [or stops], installation of the overhead power lines, and integration and testing of the system.