Order from US Army Corps of Engineers for DMC

3 January 2002 09:11 - BAM Infra bv

Delta Marine Consultants, HBG Civiel's engineering specialists, are working in the American state of Ohio on the extension of a lock complex. With a contract value of almost US$143,500, this is a medium-sized project for DMC. The real feather in DMC's cap, however, is the name of the client: the US Army Corps of Engineers.

'The Corps is very keen on alternative construction methods, such as the use of large prefabricated elements. This method is also being tried on our lock project. HBG possesses a great deal of expertise and experience in this field going back many years', explains Jos van Rijen, DMC project team leader. The authoritative US Army Corps of Engineers, although part of the American Armed Forces, is not solely concerned with military matters but also has civil duties. Among its responsibilities are the management of ports and waterways, coastal and bank protection works and environmental projects.

'Our project on the Greenup Locks on the Ohio River', continues Van Rijen, 'is part of a much larger plan to increase the capacity of a number of lock complexes. Large volumes of coal are carried on the river. Each lock complex comprises two chambers measuring 33 metres wide and more than 360 metres long plus a shorter lock of 180 metres. The aim is to extend this small lock chamber so that it can accommodate the enormous fifteen-barge push-tow units, too. Our design will be ready by March and then we can make a start on drawings and specifications.'