Marine - Strong Dutch roots

The Dutch are respected worldwide for their unique experience in the field of designing and constructing marine engineering projects. The gigantic Delta Works project, which was completed in 1987, proved once more that their reputation in this field is deserved.

Understanding water is at the heart of BAM’s marine activities: how seas, lakes, rivers and canals enable transport, power generation, fishery, agriculture and recreation. With strong roots in the Netherlands, where land levels are often well below sea level, we also understand how water can pose a challenge to safety and people’s livelihoods.

The part or the whole

From a complete fishery harbour to a single LNG loading berth, our projects in or near the water span the whole range from complementary component to final product. Whatever the size of a project, what we bring to the table is the expertise to ensure safety and durability, both during and after construction – come rain or shine, or wind and high water.

Own fleet of marine equipment

In order to support these activities we maintain a fleet of specialised equipment. This fleet includes powerful jack-up barges, which facilitate heavy-duty activities in demanding near-shore situations.

BAM has an impressive record of designing and constructing harbours and ports, including berths, dry docks and breakwaters. This has been achieved through the continual development of new techniques and by implementation of the latest construction methods and technologically advanced equipment.