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Date: 10-08-2017
Construction Manager Tom Cornish has been recognised for his work on Dunfermline’s Carnegie Library and Galleries, which opened to the public...
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Date: 27-11-2018
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Date: 01-11-2004
The typical Saxon farmhouses and rolling landscape of the Hondsrug area, as well as the hunebeds themselves, were important sources of inspiration...
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Date: 07-04-2016
He has a degree in health and safety and 15 years of experience: meet Fergal Kelly, our new Corporate Safety Manager.    How would you...
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Date: 10-05-2004
The traditional ceremony will mark an important stage in the development of the country’s first multi-agency justice centre. The ceremony is...
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Date: 10-09-2013
The 55 million year old earth has come from the construction of Crossrail’s western tunnels between Royal Oak and Farringdon by two giant 1,000...
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Date: 07-08-2018
As well as marking the start of work on site the joint venture team also launched a new campaign called 100 Reasons, which will celebrate the wide...
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Date: 09-11-2010
Tony Grindrod, construction manager with Salford-based BAM Construction, said: ‘BAM’s approach is to use local labour and materials...
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Date: 09-11-2012
Peter Maguire, BAM’s senior site manager, said: ‘We were told that despite their age the bricks were fit for re-use as a material. We...
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Date: 24-01-2017
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Date: 23-03-2006
Click here for the full Press release Results 2005 In 2005, Royal BAM Group realised a net result of €153.3 million (2004: €146.4 million...
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Date: 30-03-2006
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Date: 20-03-2008
Klick here for the full press release. Results for 2007 Royal BAM Group has had a successful year. Net profit rose to €349.0 million (2006:...
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Date: 01-04-2008
Klick hier für die vollständige Presseerklärung Ergebnisse 2007 Die Royal BAM Group blickt auf ein erfolgreiches Jahr zurück....
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Date: 27-09-2010
The Icos Cleantech Early Stage Fund II (ICF II) is primarily on unique and proprietary technologies that address scarcity of resources and climate...
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Date: 14-12-2015
The building is situated at the edge of St James’s, close to Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Every day it is walked past by thousands of...
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Date: 24-11-2016
BAM Construction has delivered the £4.3 million two-storey, steel framed building, clad with a Staffordshire blue brick. It has four science...
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Date: 07-06-2017
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Date: 07-09-2018
The 600-pupil school becomes the fifth built by BAM in South Wales in the past two years, taking the contractor, which provides work for around 900...
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Date: 19-08-2008
The work involves demolition of college buildings at Hempstead Road and the construction of a three- and four-storey concrete-framed building. This...